Your baby is born wired to be a birder. With just a few simple developmental strategies you can learn how to help your baby (and the bird world) THRIVE.

Want to know how I raised two lifelong birders? 

  • Learn simple and effective strategies
  • Build confidence and connection.
  • Give them a healthy foundation.

Learning basic practices now will give you confidence and tools to help your child or grandchild thrive.

Get 10 Fun Facts + 2 other PDF's about your brain on birds!

You've got nothing to lose!

And EVERYTHING to gain. In a world where disconnection prevails, meet other parents who are raising birders and reconnecting their kids with nature. 

Birds have been helping babies structure their brains since the beginning of time:

  • Bird sounds can help organize the brain.
  • Auditory brain food.
  • Noticing birds helps create brain and body coherence.

It's never too soon to begin birding with your baby.

You can feel great about your time bird watching, listening, and even journaling— because birding is superfood for your baby's developing brain!

Learn about the neuroscience of your baby's brain on birds! And discover how simple and uncomplicated birding with your baby can be. 



Birds may have been the first "language" our ancestors listened to.  A baby's auditory and visual processing systems are designed to notice and attune to birds. 

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Twenty Years of Experience Leading Groups

Kathleen speaks to large and small audiences. She is fun and engaging while delivering essential content. You can make nature a core part of your program or community.  

 Kathleen is well versed in online and in-person events. 

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Get the New Parent's Journal now and the book in August!

The new parent's journal is a beautiful gift for a new mother. It is full of prompts, reflections, information and resources to help a new mother begin a life of birding with her child.  

Get on the list to pre-order Kathleen's forthcoming book- packed with the neuroscience of birding, real stories, and tangible ideas. 

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The PACE of Nature

Building a relationship with nature is both a compensatory and protective experience (PACE).  

Life is a lot. Stress has become the normal state of being. Nature can relieve stress from an often overwhelming world. Join the retreat to learn and practice simple sensory activities in your own backyard. 

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