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The Nature-Led Approach©

With Kathleen Lockyer

Monday, August 27 - Wednesday, August 29










Origins of the Nature-Led Approach

For years, parents, teachers, occupational therapists, and pediatricians have asked me, “Kathleen, can you teach us what you know about healing kids using nature and neuroscience?” They knew I was having measurable success in the space and was reaching hundreds of little lost souls—all with my occupational therapy experience and the wisdom of nature. That’s when I realized that if I wanted to make a bigger impact in the lives of children with unique needs, I’d have to take on a “Teach the Teacher” roll, as well. And, here we are. Now, I’m poised to instruct my first group of cohorts on my proprietary Nature-Led Approach, which is two-decades in the making.


Your practice with ancient sensory secrets! 


Everything you need to know to begin using the Nature-Led Approach! 

Immerse Yourself

In the core routines of sensory-scaping and experience for yourself how transformative this approach is. 

What you will learn from the workshop

This workshop will teach you everything you need to know to begin using the Nature-Led© Approach, including:

  • Meditations to awaken the senses.
  • Sensory-scaping for optimal development.
  • Pattern recognition through Nature Tracking.
  • How to use the sounds of nature to support auditory processing and sensory integration. 
  • The art of using Questioning to increase connections and relational interactions.
  • What you can learn from the patterns and rythms of nature. 
  • How to transform your practice using ancient sensory secrets.

I’ll be joined by my all-time favorite collaborator, the incredibly talented and inspiring Caitlin Williams. She’s an internationally certified Track and Sign Wildlife expert with over 20 years of outdoor group facilitation experience. We’re very lucky to have her on our maiden Nature-Led Approach voyage.

We can make life better for the next generations, and for the world our grandchildren will live in. I know this is possible because using just a few simple strategies, I have seen the light return to darkened eyes.

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What's included in the workshop and mentorship?

Everything will be organized and arranged for you. While this is a workshop, it will often feel more like you’re on retreat. With the package, you’ll get:

Two nights and three inspiring days in the beautiful coastal town of Morro Bay, Ca., resetting your sensory balance while immersed in experiential learning.

  • A Nature-Led videoconference prior to the live event.
  • Workbooks and reference materials.
  • Camping with breakfast, dinner, and activities (kayaking/paddle-boarding, yoga, and some light hiking.)
  • 9-month distance mentorship and certification.
  • 1x per month small group class via video conference (includes guest speakers).
  • Fun, engaging weekly “homework” to build upon what you’ve learned.
  • 1x per month 1:1 mentoring call with Kathleen.
  • Lifetime membership in the RxOutside Learning Community, including a private Members-Only forum, deep discounts on future webinars and classes, as well as ongoing and updated Nature-Led resources.
  • If you’re a professional, you’ll also be listed on RxOutside.com as a Nature-Led Approach Certified Provider.

How much does the workshop and mentorship cost?

We’re offering this initial two-day workshop for half of what it actually costs to organize and produce. For $2750, you’ll get all of the above and a transformed outlook on the power of nature. Let’s work together to make life better for lost kids, and future generations. I look forward to seeing you on the beach in Morro Bay!


The potential for optimal human development through the core routines that nature built into our mainframe. 


The vital sensory systems using only what nature provides (free) right outside the door. 


Multi-sensory experiences using techniques practiced and fine tuned by our ancestors - techniques our neurological systems were designed to employ. 

Beautiful Morro Bay

Workshop Retreat location. Morro Bay State Park Campground is located in a beautiful estuary, with the famous Black Hill at the base of our group campsite. When you sign up, we will send you a whole list of amazing local things to do. This is one of California’s secret (shhhhh) little coastal towns!


This is a power-packed, life-changing weekend to reboot your sensory system to see through Nature-Led eyes.

Get ready to decompress, feel alive, and learn a powerful approach that will re-energize and inspire you to evolve your career- while relighting your own fire.

And P.S. get ready for bird language, finding stories in the landscape, kayaking/paddle-boarding, yoga, chocolate, light hiking, star-gazing, stretching your comfort zones a little, and oh yeah, really amazing and nutritious food!

And P.P.S Be warned: You will never experience child behavior (or being outside) the same again! This is a transformative experience.

Claim a spot at our August workshop by learning more and signing up here.

(We are keeping it small so don’t wait too long.) We are so excited to share what we have gleaned from our past 50 collective years (whoa!), and to send you home re-inspired, filled with light, and armed with a new lens to look through and a tool chest of new techniques!

All my love, Kathleen

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Sign Up and Step Outside the Box!

Special pricing like this will NEVER happen again. Be part of our first cohort and become an early adopter with LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP AND SUPPORT! We are keeping it real. Keeping it small. Keeping it FUN.

Have Questions? See below for answers to some F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is this retreat/workshop for?

If you work with children in any capacity, this is for you.  Occupational Therapists, Counselors, Teachers, Speech and Language Pathologists, Outdoor educators, Behaviorists, Administrators.


I Don’t work with other children, but I DO work with my own child every day!  Can I benefit from this program?

Yes.  All the information and exercises apply to your own children, in fact, we wish every parent took this training.  


I don’t have children or work with children but I’m interested in my own personal growth and development.  Would this workshop benefit me?

Yes.  Although it is geared as a training the trainer program, people find that it supports their own growth in ways they would never have imagined.  Here is what one participant said: “The Nature-Led training is teaching me how to be more human!.”


How is this different than say Forest School training or other outdoor franchise type training programs?

This workshop is different in several key ways:  

    1. We let nature lead.  Nature is the original architect of our human design and continues to provide everything we need for growing healthy humans.  We help you remember what that means and how to capitalize on it. Other programs teach more 'human-led' approaches. 
    2. This workshop and training focuses on underlying developmental needs as seen through the lens of sensory processing and integration (using the Nature-Led Approach©) which, is the foundation for successful executive functioning skills, academic learning, and resiliency.
    3. The Nature-Led Approach© combines specific activities with the neuro-physiological needs of a developing human and teaches you how to see the unique presentation of each child - how to meet them where they are at, motivate them, and then stretch their neurology, physiology, and socio-emotional literacy in a way that is aligned with our 'blueprint' for growing healthy humans.
    4. Other trainings offer ‘recipes’ whereas we teach you how to ‘cook’ (so to speak).




I am an occupational therapist.  How will this training help me?  

Aaaah. I am so excited about sharing this with other occupational therapists- I believe our profession is poised to be the nature connection specialists of the future; helping childhood reclaim its true potential!  This will help you in more ways than I can list, but most obviously, it can serve as a conceptual model of practice; one that is deeply meaningful for both you and your clients.  Finding meaningful, functional activity for our clients is essential and there is nothing more meaningful than facilitating a therapy session, using a nature-led approach!


After participation in this retreat/workshop can I advertise that I use the Nature-Led approach?  

Not yet, but close.  Because we intend this as a game-changing, life-force giving, paradigm-shifting, approach, we want to be sure that you are supported and practiced in its implementation.  You will need to enroll in the distance mentorship and complete 9 months of fun, task-oriented, integrative lessons, that can be practiced in your current setting.


I work in a traditional school setting, is this an appropriate workshop for me?

Yes!  Our Nature-Led Approach is not just about re-learning to connect with nature, it’s a whole new way to view child development.  After engaging with this model, you will forever see the world through new eyes. You will find that it offers a therapeutic grade approach to teaching, interacting, sensory processing, social-emotional regulation, communication, and a generally more meaningful and functional way of approaching the way you interact with children. You will never see the world the same again!  


I already work with kids in nature.  Will I learn anything new in this workshop?  

Yes!  We hope so.  If you don’t, we will give you your money back and then probably beg you to work with us! Our intention is to show you ‘kids in nature’ in a profoundly different and more integrated way than you have seen it before; one that will bring greater value, more inspiration, deeper insight and a renewed passion for what you do. It will also teach you to better articulate the essential value of what you do outside.  


Do I need to bring my own camping gear?

Yes.  and No.  It is preferable that you have your own camping equipment but if you don’t we still want you to participate so, let us know, and for an additional fee, we can set you up.  


Will there be someone to help set up my tent?

If camping is not your normal thing- that’s OK!  We’ve got your back. You will have help when you arrive- We are all in this together.  :)


Do I realllllllly have to camp?

Wellllllll, to receive the full immersive experience we have planned for you, camping is preferable.  However, we want to stretch your comfort zone but not throw you off a cliff! If you have physical limitations or if you can’t stand the thought of being caressed by the wind, swooned by the stars, and serenaded by the morning chorus of birds, then, by all means, we can supply you with a list of great lodging options- and we pinky swear promise, to love you the same as the campers :)   


I am gluten free, can you accommodate me?

Yes!  All our meals are served gluten free.  For other accommodations please inquire. 


What if I come and don’t love it?

We highly doubt that will happen, but if you are not sure yet, feel free to go to our scheduling app HERE and sign up for a free 15-minute consultation slot. We can chat about your interest and concerns and determine if we are a good fit.  We want everyone to leave better off than when they arrived sooooo, if at the end of the weekend, you are not in LOVE with all that you have experienced and learned, we will refund your $$ less our costs of providing food, camping and gear (if applicable).


Can I attend just the retreat workshop and  would I be 'on my own' after?

Yes and No.  If there is space available yes you can attend just the workshop.  Other than what you learn and take away from the workshop, there are three additional ways you will continue to receive support:

  1. You are now part of a larger community of parents and professionals who use the Nature-Led Approach and will have lifetime access to a private online community forum.
  2. For three months, you will have access to a once monthly conference call to ask questions, share stories and celebrate successes.   
  3. You will receive discounts for two years on all other courses, workshops, 1:1 mentoring, and periodically get ‘free stuff’ offered only to past participants



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